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Youth Development & Empowerment

In response to the worldwide phenomenon of young men and women calling for meaningful civic, economic, social and political participation,¬†PDT recognizes the the involvement of young men and women in participatory decision-making and development processes as vital to achieving sustainable human development. PDT supports the capacity development of young people and the development of youth […]

Empowerment of vulnerable groups

Women & Gender PDT believes that to stimulate development which is truly sustainable in communities, women must be empowered to participate in all aspects of decision-making processes within communities through gender mainstreaming in development policy-making. Through the HEKS EPER Gender Inclusive Human Rights Based Approach program, PDT is working on designing projects that seek to […]

Democracy, Human Rights & Governance

Building the capacity of duty bearers in the Gender Inclusive and Human Rights Based Approaches (GIHRBA) to development PDT in partnership with HEKS EPER is currently training duty bearers comprising councilors, chiefs and head of local government to understand and adopt a gender inclusive and rights based approach to development. Through this project, duty bearers […]

Media and Development, Access to information and Communication for Development

Establishment of a Community Radio (CR) PDT has been working with Plumtree, Bulilima and Mangwe communities to establish a community radio, called Getjenge Community Radio. The main objective for this project is to provide a platform for communication through which the above referred communities could spearhead development by telling their stories, sharing information and news […]


The objectives of the PDT shall be: To promote bottom up participation in the national development and democratization process from local communities in Bulilima and Mangwe districts as well as in Plumtree town. To provide platforms for social interaction and public dialogue on community and national issues of public interest. To empower grass root communities […]

Unemployment in Zim: Enterprising Youths Find Survival Means

WHILE the economy continues to plummet forcing hordes of youths to cross the boarder to neighbouring South Africa and Botswana, a few enterprising youths in Mangwe, Brunapeg area are irking out a living through selling quarry stones to home-builders. These stones which they gather for free in the locality cost R50 or $3 per load.

Plumtree residents attend NPRC

Plumtree residents attending a National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) hearing at Plumtree Town Council Hall today, to discuss the bill brought before the parliament following the efforts by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Peace and Security to scale up public engagement.

University of Getjenge Initiative

Elders in a ‘lubahhe’ meeting today discussing the University of Getjenge Initiative. Lubahhe is a community think tank comprising elders from Plumtree (Bulilima & Mangwe) who meet regularly to discuss community development issues. Local Associations & Community Organisations are invited to participate in Lubahhe meetings. Inbox us for details. The meeting was held at Plumtree […]


Recently, the Plumtree Town Council constructed a road round-about next to CABS bank. This has triggered mixed feelings amongst locals. Our biggest question: Do you think we (Plumtree community) needed this structure?