The objectives of the PDT shall be:

  • To promote bottom up participation in the national development and democratization process from local communities in Bulilima and Mangwe districts as well as in Plumtree town.
  • To provide platforms for social interaction and public dialogue on community and national issues of public interest.
  • To empower grass root communities to participate in Local and central governance and to hold power accountable.
  • To entrench a culture of respect of human rights through human rights programming.
  • To empower grass root communities, including vulnerable groups like women, youth and the disabled to access, demand and enjoy their rights.
  • To use media as strategic tools for community development, access to and dissemination of information.
  • To use media and ICTs to empower communities tackle community challenges.

 Geographical Scope

PDT works mainly in Plumtree town, Bulilima and Mangwe districts.

Organisation’s Assets.

PDT owns its piece of land and has built its offices as part of its sustainability strategy. Efforts are underway to establish a state of the art tech and innovation hub

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