Empowerment of vulnerable groups

Empowerment of vulnerable groups

Women & Gender

PDT believes that to stimulate development which is truly sustainable in communities, women must be empowered to participate in all aspects of decision-making processes within communities through gender mainstreaming in development policy-making. Through the HEKS EPER Gender Inclusive Human Rights Based Approach program, PDT is working on designing projects that seek to achieve gender equality and equity by empowering women through education, employment and political representation as well as by ensuring access to reproductive health services. Also, PDT is making use of its media programming and work to amplify women voices as well as give them safe platforms and spaces to tell their own stories and hold power accountable as well as demand, claim and enjoy their rights. In addition to this, PDT is working with grass root women and communities to eliminate oppressive, retrogressive and unfair cultural practices, stereotypes and to alter agreed realities and fixed patterns that dis empower women and violate their rights as citizens and human beings.

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